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Leadership During COVID | Noontime Knowledge Series

January 25, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Online Event Zoom Meeting

As team members continue to Work From Home (WFH) during COVID, there are many challenges and opportunities for Leaders to enhance team leader/member productivity. More than ever, team members need to feel comfortable sharing their personal situations, communicate their concerns, and provide recommendations to Leaders. Leaders must be mindful to actively approach team members to provide timely coaching and support.

How should leaders establish trust, respect, and transparency to support effective communications, information sharing, and follow-through on commitments?

How should leaders engage virtually in key decision-making processes with internal teams and external partners in ways that enhance trust and teamwork?

During this event, learn how to:

  • Effectively pivot to new delivery channels, new products, new operating models with enough time to manage the impact of changes
  • Better manage your limited time to thoroughly engage with stakeholders and gain agreement on plans
  • Coach, execute plans, and measure performance management and accountability
  • Enhance team collaboration by setting consistent standards that engage all team members
  • Aim to build strong internal and external partnerships and team collaboration
  • Recognize communication challenges and make adjustments for unique personal sacrifices
  • Focus on inclusion and encourage all team members to lead


Welcome and Introductions (5 minutes)

Presentation (10 minutes)

  • Introduction to key leadership topics
  • Identify key skills, experience, and role-responsibilities that are needed to be an effective leader in 2021 and beyond
  • Review how leadership impacts an organization, team members, morale, and productivity

Case Scenario Breakout Sessions (25 minutes)

  • Participants will be invited to join one of three different scenarios via virtual breakout rooms
  • Topics will address workplace psychological safety, leadership/team member coaching sessions, and effective leadership while working remotely

Tips and Techniques (15 minutes)

  • Group discussion to debrief the case scenario breakout experiences
  • Develop an individual “Leadership Note to Myself” next steps document

Questions and Answers (5 minutes)

This event is open to the public. For more information about this event or the Noontime Knowledge Series, please contact Maryellen Novak at [email protected]


Presenter: Sandy Becker

Guest Speaker: Fritzie Dizon

Guest Speaker: Chetna Thukral

Additional information about this event can be found HERE.

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