About Us

Columbia Chemistry Outreach (CCO) was established to hold chemistry-affiliated outreach programs accountable for supporting and developing science outreach programs that uplift those who are statistically disadvantaged. Our program differs from similar Columbia STEM outreach initiatives because in addition to serving as a resource for students who want to participate in our outreach programs, our committee provides and maintains informational resources that are intended to train graduate students, postdocs, and faculty to become leaders in the community. We aim to lend the guidance necessary to efficiently navigate institutional opportunities and restrictions, so students can realize their own outreach programs.

Broader Impact

CCO aims to provide graduate students and postdocs with an online resource to be more effective with their outreach initiatives. This website will summarize outreach programming to better identify redundancies and opportunities, as well as comprehensive content allowing anyone to easily initiate their own program. There will also be forms of “passive” outreach, i.e., chemistry-, graduate school-, and career-related informational resources (videos, links, etc.) that are always accessible to website visitors. Via online resources as well as active outreach programs, CCO aims to drive a positive change across all demographics in our local Harlem and NYC communities, our department, and in the chemistry community as a whole by providing equitable access to knowledge, opportunities, and our network.

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