Mission Statement

The mission of Columbia Chemistry Outreach is to serve as a centralized resource for outreach opportunities within Columbia University’s Department of Chemistry. This group comprises research faculty, teaching faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and staff who represent the department as a whole. Through our efforts, Columbia Chemistry Outreach will act as a general voice to steer our department’s long-term vision with respect to outreach and will guide our department’s efforts to drive a positive change in our local community.

  1. We will serve as a convenient source of information and guidance regarding outreach opportunities, in part by maintaining an up-to-date page on the departmental website containing relevant student groups, points of contact, upcoming events, and links.
  1. We will help improve existing outreach opportunities by coordinating participation and assisting with logistics, such as obtaining funding or securing event space.
  1. We will create new outreach opportunities that target deficiencies in our current outreach efforts, for example by focusing on mentorship and long-lasting relationships with local schools.
  1. We will support and develop science outreach programs that can uplift those who are statistically disadvantaged, such as underrepresented minorities and those of lower socioeconomic status.